The AND Coffee Album

Each track gives you the good feeling of relaxing at your favorite coffeehouse, sidewalk café or spending time enjoying your favorite coffee at home. Saxophonist Marcus Anderson singularly demonstrates professional growth in his music and presents it to us all with his release, AND Coffee.

Cup of Joe


Carmel Mocha

With songs like one of the album’s single “Cup of Joe”; you will begin to take more time for relaxing and luxuriating than ever before. The singles has received the highest honors as #1 on Billboard Smooth Jazz and #1 on SirusXM Radio Watercolors.

“Cup of Joe” has been described as, “a stream of positive energy; perfect for a windows-down, sunroof-open, afternoon drive!” by long time North Carolina Central University Musical Director Xavier Cason. “Cup of Joe” is described by many as a great melodic mix between sax and guitar played by Matt Marshak. The funk overtones delivered on the acoustic line blends well with Marcus’ sultry, smooth sax notes; for any coffee aficionado, this is akin only to the sensation of when the first taste of a perfect roast rolls over your palate.

Marcus brings with him additional great collaborations with the musical talents of guitarists Darnell “Showcase” Taylor, trumpeter Lin Roundtree, keyboardist Nicholas Cole and Midwest bassist Julian Vaughn. Marcus serves up musical delightful songs such as Expresso Shot-has the energy of a strong Espresso Shot. Coffee Cocktails invites listeners to enjoy a coffee cocktail when listening to Marcus playing for you, while Vanilla Mocha lifts and gently releases you into musical relaxation. The bonus track, Marcus’ gift to listeners, is Passion Blend. Listening to it is like going on an adventure, awakening all your senses. There’s a warmth and soulfulness to Marcus Anderson; his growth is clearly demonstrated with this release.

Whether you enjoy your coffee, espresso or latte made by percolation, infusion or decoction, do your ears a “flavor” and get your favorite beverage while you sit back and enjoy saxophonist Marcus Anderson and the music he shares with us on AND Coffee.