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AND Products is the home of various quality products that are packaged and accompany music to help create the best experience for you our consumers. We will continue to bring you quality services and superior products that complement your enjoyment of music. We create everything with you the consumer as the first priority. We believe music makes everything so much better!

“Music has never tasted so good and coffee has never sounded so relaxing.”

Meet AND Coffee

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A well respected and award-winning roaster local to Raleigh, NC who has met the demand of the unique needs and taste for AND Coffee customers worldwide. Dilworth Coffee associates blend different backgrounds and experiences into one common passion, COFFEE.
The staff and associates are trained and knowledgeable in the world of coffee: the history, taste profiles and all types of brewing techniques. Every staff member goes through a Basic Barista Certification process, and we are constantly learning more about our varietals of coffees by cupping and brewing them, utilizing a variety of methods. Members of our team have been Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) instructors, judges, volunteers and speakers. Dilworth associates are experts in the industry, with a combined 100+ years of experience.

The History of Coffee

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee – little known fact for those of us that drink the variety of blends offered to us by our many favorite stores and coffee shops. But if you are the type of person who enjoys a good history lesson or at least wants to be in the know about the origin of one of their favorite pass-times, then this will be great information for you.
Legend is that in 850 AD, the Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi noticed one day that when his goats ate a particular red berry, they would have so much energy they would jump around (jumping goats). After tasting these berries and getting energized himself, Kaldi brought them to a local monk who threw them away into a fire. When the roasted berries gave off a wonderful aroma, they pulled them from the embers, ground them and added the ground powder to water, creating the world’s first cup of coffee.
Over the last 1200 plus years, the coffee beverage was introduced and became part of the diet of many other regions of the world. The first coffeehouse was created in 1475 AD in Constantinople; King Louis XIV was introduced to the beverage in 1600 AD; in 1675 a coffee house called Edward Lloyds (Lloyds of London) was opened in Europe. The Dutch were instrumental in transporting coffee out of their ports Mocha and Java during the 15 th – 18th centuries (you can’t make this stuff up). And in 1723, a French Naval Officer stole some seeds from the King’s coffee bush and introduced the plant to the New World through the island of Martinique.
Coffee has come a long way. No longer a beverage looked to be outlawed as a “substance of the devil”, it now is part of the daily routine of many. And as the coffee beverage continues to evolve from Instant to Decaf to Cold-Brewed, the history of this simple berry still is a long way to be written.