#1 Billboard Smooth Jazz “Cup of Joe” Marcus Anderson

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Good afternoon Everyone,

I have to say that I’ve waited on this moment for a long time. All I can say is dreams do come true! Being an independent artist has its challenges but gaining this #1 under my own imprint is the best reward that any artist can ask for. There were so many people cheering for me but none of this would be possible without GOD who has made all of this possible. I’m really thankful for everyone on my team that have believed in me but I really have to give a big shout out to Dave Kunert. I tell you this guy has worked very hard to get Cup of Joe the attention that it deserves. Words can’t express what I’m feeling because I could never say thank you enough to you my friend. Dave, you are a bad brother and incredible record promoter. Thank you again for your continous hard work!!! And to everyone else that was rooting for me, I say thank you!!! Too many names to name but you know who you all are, :-).

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