Message From Our Founder

Dreams and Passion are what move and motivate us. I have been fortunate to be able to walk my dreams through the doors of opportunity time and time again. I consider it an honor and a blessing. When I began dreaming about how to marry my passion for music with my passion for coffee, And Coffee was created. This has been a wonderful journey for me. I have experienced so much as a new specialty item company, including meeting so many new and wonderful people who were just as interested in coffee as I am. This note is to make sure I continue to stay connected with you my friends and fans and to hopefully make some new ones. I invite you to read and enjoy as you learn more about our brand, our company, coffee as a whole and about me.


AND Coffee is a definitive brand of Southern hospitality that evokes feelings of Tranquility, Sophistication, Serenity, Opulence, Sumptuousness, and Quiet Luxury with every sip and every sound. As a musician, Marcus Anderson has brought forth notes that blend together in both musical and taste form.

“AND Coffee is the ultimate coffee drinking experience. No more having to shuffle through your music library or create the perfect coffee drinker’s playlist. With AND Coffee we have merged great music with great flavors. On behalf of my music and my coffee, please share in the experience that “music has never tasted so good and coffee has never sounded so relaxing.”